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I crashed Zelda Spirit Tracks

“Wow. I didn't think that was possible? ”

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date: 08/DEC/09
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Wow, I'm never crashed a handheld game before, looks pretty weird.
Woah... core dump. That's awesome, in a sad kinda way.
kudos to you!
What'd you do? o0
May not be your fault. Spirit Tracks was registered with a lot of anti-pirating measures. This may just be a bad egg.
Now that I've calm down a bit, I can rationally tell you guy what happened.

You know how you have to blow into the microphone NOW for ever little thing? I'm at the water stage, trying to find the entrance to the next temple. The old Sage guy couldn't remember the way there, so I figured I'd go back to the Gypsy Woman.

I was talking to the Gypsy woman for the hundred time in a row. She asks you a bunch of stupid questions that have to do with NOTHING. I had to do this part 3 times, at lease. Because if you don't select the right ambiguous word to answer her stupid, non-sensical questions. You have to start over again, with this same routine.

Anyway, I speak into the microphone again... at this point, I'm not even using real words. I think I shouted "AHHHHHHHH! or something. Which was fine for the first two questions. But the third one crash the game. And that's pretty much what happened.
I remember that part. It never mattered what I said, even jibberish.
Haha, I hate having to blow into the mic for DS games, you have to do it quite a bit in Bower's Inside story.
I like Bowser's inside story, but I did hate when Bowser turned giant and you couldn't mess up stopping that train... The blow sequences annoyed me, blowing too hard, blowing too little... grrr....
I'm actually stuck presently on the song before the sand temple place because they don't like the way I blow my mic.

Although when talking to that lady I eventually stopped speaking in the mic and just lightly blew on the mic.
blowing???! Wait... are you saying you need to blow into the mic in order to pass parts of the game? That info would be enough to make up my mind that this game is not for me =S
@Daena lol.... I'm tempted to say either Lame or just WTF. I guess you don't like the wii cause you have to actually do movements or anything... I never cared about that as I don't give a fuck about what others think about me when I have to blow in a DS mic in the train or anything... Hey, in fact... Nobody cares about it and those who do care just want your darned DS.
Hahaha, some people don't enjoy it, I think Nintendo usually pulls it off bearably.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Nintendo is doing great in making things other can't even think of... But people are too straight minded and think that being extraordinary is either a taboo or being an hollywood star.

Definition from dictionary.com: Beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established.

No need to be extremist, people are all unique only when they are extraordinary persons.
But then again, some will say... You're unique, just as the others. which is one of the most debated controversy of the human kind. I could go way deeper in that subject but hell. this is a gaming blog. xD
@Linked713 nah I don't much care what people think of my game-playing on the train (or else I'd never have played Patapon there, because I tend to bob a little with the beat and probably look..."special" ^_^)... it's more the fact that precision blowing isn't really my thing, and would probably just frustrate me. Not really the sort of challenge I want from my video games.

I am a little old fashioned however, and would prefer a good ol' button-pusher game than a shaking-my-remote-around game. I really enjoyed the Propeller suit in the New Mario Bros, so I can see that sometimes it might be fun. I'd rather play Okami on the PS2 than on the Wii, because I don't much care for tennis elbow. I'm not bashing Spirit Tracks... I just think it may not be for me if there is a lot of blowing required. >_<
@Linked713 one more thing... as for this: "I guess you don't like the wii cause you have to actually do movements or anything"... Quite the assumption! I actually do like the Wii, and I like it even more since I found out that Monster Hunter Tri was developed for it. Can't wait :D
Wii = the precioussssss
@Linked713 - RE:@Daena -- Geeze.. Jump to conclusions much? She didn't know about the blowwing feature..
Yus, I hadn't heard about the blowing requirement until now... I'd been considering picking up the game since some of the gameplay looks like fun, but I hadn't come across any videos that showed blowing yet. I'm glad you guys discussed this here, because it's good to know what to expect at least.
@funkzillabot @ComradeRavenhawk @Roxas-UrBoxas @EarthboundX Overall, is the precision blowing really frustrating as a whole in Spirit Tracks? Would you recommend it despite this? I'm interested to hear your opinions about it. :)
@fnook Don't push it. She know what I meant - The "unusual" actions the DS can make you do (aka blowing or talk). @Daena I can answer you, but you're not asking me *snobs*

It does worth getting the game... There is one item that you need to blow is the "fan like" item. It does become frustrating if there is a lot of noise around you as it can trigger "by itself". Other than that.... there is nothing that should prevent you from buying/getting it. It is an awesome game. My biggest concern is the train... It takes forever to get to point a to point b... I miss Epona.
@Daena The blowing isn't hugely important, no. You use it for your little fan item thing which is the first one you get, and you use it to play your instrument and you use the mic to talk to that lady. That's about it.
My mic issues may just be because of what Linked said, white-noise interference, or it could be blamed on the fact that my DS is old and potentially dying.
For what it's worth, for the most part it's precision sliding-of-your-pan-pipe not precision blowing.
I dunno--I found most of the uses that they have made the Mic on the NDS to be... well... gimmicky. I mean the Chatter move in Pokemon was just more than a little silly. As well, my Chatot would _never_ repeat what I said (he would just say his own name)... which was normally something along the lines of "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty".

I tried the blowing game in Super Princess Peach... and I have seen a few mini games in other games about it. It generally struck me a poorly set up or just too hard for the purpose of a gimmick.

I must admit, I do enjoy my Wii, and my NDS. What I do hate however, is many of the games that rely on the Gimmick value alone to be fun. My view is, a game should be fun to play without the Wiimote. Then after adding this stuff, it should increase its ability.

I mean, I take this on about the same level as clapping to review tinkerbell... which I have always kind of secretly hoped that I would be at a performance of Peter Pan where nobody clapped at that time XD
yeah forgot the flute. one trick, noisy places makes the instrument play by itself.. just have to slide it and perform the notes... the instrument is incredibly forgiving so even if you do play bethoven, chances are that it will recognize one of the 4-notes-songs you need to perform.
Best use of the mic is in mario kart DS. blow in to fill baloons.. nuff said lol.
@Linked713 you mean--the musical instrument of a flute?

Well, the analogy is not that simple. As well, even with flutes, there are different levels of qualities with a flute. I mean, you could argue that there are different levels qualities with games...

But, well, I would say I would rather play the flute, then get really good at some (comparably) forgettable NDS game.

But then, I admit, I consider Guitar Hero and Rock Band incredibly gimmicky... unless you happen to be teaching somebody how to play a guitar that only has one string and five frets.

I mean, your analogy is all nice and everything--but these blowing minigames pale in comparison to what is involved in playing a flute--and they also do not give nearly as beautiful or useful of a result.

As per that use of the mic in Mario Kart DS... I must admit--I was either unaware, or had forgotten of that one. I must admit, that only really adds to the game, by watching the people playing fervently blowing into their NDS (it has more of a comical effect to watch than anything else).
@KatrinaTheLamia Are we talking about zelda spirit tracks or putting up a band together.. of course I am talking about in-game flute in The Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks!
@Linked713 ah--well, I have yet to play Spirit Tracks... so I really have no idea what the in game flutes mechanics are like.

I thought you were equating the gimmicky value that the microphone gets use for to a musical instrument in a rather dry sarcastic manner.
@Linked713 well, it is a tad unfair to assume that laziness is what causes me to have no desire to perfect the art of blowing in order to pass parts of a video game. You seemed to jump to the conclusion that I would dislike the Wii based on the fact that I'd have to 'actually do movements'. Fnook was pointing out that it isn't laziness that caused me to make my first comment here, but rather surprise that blowing would be required for a game of this type. Up until now I've only had to blow at my DS in minigames or for Mario Kart battle(balloons). It would be nice if there was an option to play the balloon battles the old fashioned way, and disable blowing for yourself and the computer opponent. This way you could be ill and still play balloon battles without spreading germs everywhere;)

but anyway I appreciate your honest answer and info about the game's fan-like item. I've never been a fan of things triggering by accident in games. I wonder if this fan is used often? I might still get the game eventually but I'm going to look into it a lot more first.
@Linked713 - WTH??! Are you serious? YOU'RE the one that jumped down her throat as though she'd just uttered a racial slurr or something. You know, people would be more apt to pay attention to your posts and value your opinion on things if you just made an effort to stop coming off as a pretentious prick all the time.
@ComradeRavenhawk oh cool thanks!! That sounds not so bad.
@KatrinaTheLamia blowing balloons up with your friends in those battles is very comical indeed! Though not always practical for battling more than a few times... it would still be nice to have a choice to disable the need if you feel like you'd rather play it the classic way for a while -- 3 balloons, no more no less, once they're popped you lose ;) In Mario Kart DS I enjoy Star Runner battles more.
@fnook Stop being upset for christ' sake lol. Extrapolations are nowhere near absolute and reasonable arguments. There are some that do like me, and there is you (among with some others). I can't please everyone (Hence the fact that I have only one girlfriend (see what I did there lol)). In all honesty, I don't even know how this is affecting you - and you alone.
@Daena No conclusion where made about you, just a thought as "I guess you're like that from what I can read from what you wrote". Then you explained me, and did I flame you? No. Otherwise why the heck would I answer your question? O.o Back on topic.. By buying a DS with a microphone (yes it was advertised) you would know you'll have to do things with it and I am not always pleased with the microphone adaptation... but I have never seen it ruining any DS game so far! To be honest, I never saw Nintendo screwing a Zelda game up either =). Get ittttttttt!! ^^
I dunno--if they had a set up to allow for decent components to be used for the microphone components (as the built in microphone and speakers, as far as stereo equipment goes--sucks... to put it lightly... the jacks they have are not that much better either)... and could demonstrate some meaningful output that did not strike me as a complete gimmick type value... then I may be more inclined to use it.

Though, my next issue here, would well... the AI. I really hate it when I play games where the AI is a cookie cutter type setup. The main reason I avoided most racing games on the NES, the SNES and older systems. As the AI acted exactly like--well--AI.
Depends, AI on SNES and NES was sure zombie-esque but that was how things were and Doom scared the crap out of me even if the AI was.... primitive.

Pac-Man AI is one really complicated AI for it's time, believe it or not.
@Linked713 - Did it even possibly occur to you that @Daena is a RL friend of mine, or that someone close to her would take a defensive posture if they see someone picking on her on a forum? I guess living in your own bubble of self-importance distorts one's manners. As for your claim of only having one girlfriend, well I guess there's no account for taste there..
@Linked713 well--Pac Man really was not that bad for AI. Though, the conditions that PacMan had were fairly limited. Allowing for the AI to really flourish.

I dunno--I did not play much Doom... as... well... I could not actually get any where in it. But Wolfenstien 3d did have one AI type thing I really liked... if an AI saw me, they would follow me throughout the level. I still remember finding a dog or a soldier that I knew was not normal for that part of the map. It has simply followed me to where I currently was. I mean, I think I would have been nine or ten when I was playing that (would have been between 1991 and 1993 for the most part)... but the idea of a dog following me and then attacking me later did allow a nice element to the game.

But--"perfect" AI is not really that fun to play against. As well, they usually have some flaw to them... some issue that can be exploited as they execute the level with perfect precision. Which gets dull.

Add two things to the mix: the ability to learn and adapt from the player or a decent personality to the AI... and well, this makes the game a lot more fun.

I dunno--one of the issues I can see with a lot of Mic and Camera based games is rather inhuman seeming AI.
I think the main difference is that in previous games where the mic is used it wasn't a necessity in order to pass the game, it was a fun, gimmicky extra. In Mario Kart you don't need to use the mic at all to unlock all playable characters and vehicles. This is nice. I knew the microphone would be used at some point obviously, because the system HAS a mic, but like Katrina said since they aren't of the best quality it is definitely nice when that use is just an extra and not a necessity.

I only worry about being stuck at some part in the game because my mic won't behave, and being unable to finish because of it. Or being stuck because I'm a nub at blowing? O_o;; hehehe
If it was a side quest to be done for pure amusement value then it would be different.
@fnook Lol. Quit being upset geez. Your attacks have no effect whatsoever. Just quit it lol. I am not going to counter-attack you. You know.. dignity stuff. This should end here (at least for my part). If you have complains my personal complain department can be contacted at any time using the private message service. Don't expect any response.
@KatrinaTheLamia F.E.A.R had an awesome AI as they were aware of their surrounding and the level layout. It won the award of the most dynamic AI script. It was fun to play this game but sometimes frustrating when they ran away only to backstab you xD.
@Daena "I think the main difference is that in previous games where the mic is used it wasn't a necessity in order to pass the game, it was a fun" Mostly thinking about Endwar here. The game is solid but since it's a game that REALLY requires you to speak, you either love or hate the game. You should rent it or just watch vids about it, it;s fun but you may look like a total idiot playing it if you have parents or older persons around xD. But I still agree... Microphone in games have mostly poor uses attached to them... Mario Party 5, 6 and 7 had microphones (very limited) but it was rather fun as one would control the game in 1vs3 only by it voices - hilarious.
@KatrinaTheLamia Pac-Man AI is one really complicated AI for it's time (as of 1980)
@Linked713 well--that is mostly because of how laggy development in AI has been.

I mean--look at all the developments we have had. Alan Turing's Enigma machines in the Second Great War and shortly afterwards. Eliza in the 1970s. Noam Chomsky's analysis on languages over the 20th Century. The more recent NIALL, Alice and Chatterbots.

I mean--it is fairly sad that decent path finding did not really appear in the 1990s and even rarely for most of the early zeros.

I mean--it is nice to say that "that was advanced for the time"--but well... that is mostly because AI development has been one of the most stagnant areas of computer science development.

Why? Because there is no profit in AI.
I can't answer for the others. I Love Zelda games, despited the stupid ass things they make you do in every single one of them. I think my favorite handheld Zelda was Minis Cap, because it was straight to the point. As for Spirit Tracks? Other then the whole game crashing thing. I have to admit. I wasn't really "into it" as I had hope I'd be.

The 2 main reasons that "I" play Zelda is to "Dungeon Craw" and to fight enemies with a SWORD". And in Zelda: Spirit Tracks, I do neither. The problem is, that it takes WAY too long to get to the temples to actually dungeon craw. And on the way there I get attack on the train with one a piece of crap canon that only works every 3rd time you use it. There's no time I can get off the train, explore and then get back on again. Like a car or a boat.

Zelda Phantom Hourglass had some really annoying parts to it. Oh yes. I could stand the starting temple over and over, IF was on a timer and I didn't have to start at the begin everything. Which to me was just f*king cheap. But the one thing that was cool, was that you could park the boat, have an adventure on each island, then get back on the boat and more on the the next place.

I'll go back to Zelda, no doubt, I mean... it's Zelda. So yeah. The only thing I could say is, wait till it's on sale? Make sure this crashing bug is just a fluke or it could be my system, which is possible. I was having trouble with that DS before all this.
@funkzillabot Thanks for your reply, that clears some stuff up! ^_^ I'm big on games where I get to attack with a good ol' sword. Also, the train sounds very linear. I like free reign of exploring as well. I think I'll take your advice and watch out for it to come on sale;) I'm sure there are a ton of awesome games I could concentrate on instead, for now.
Well--I must admit, for me, it is largely screwing around on the over world that I enjoy. Wandering around, and well--going places where I should not be. And--well--it seems that Spirit Tracks--like Four Swords Adventure on the Gamecube may not be for me.

I mean, the biggest things I loved about OoT and MM is that I am still discovering new crap. And I bought OoT shortly after it was released on the N64. I mean, as much as many people try to speed through these games (MM in particular) what I try to do is break the order of the game.

I mean--I am still in awe of the fact that I could get to Saria's Spot before I had even talked to the Deku Tree (and with only the Kokiri Sword)... and oh... shoot... I have the urge to load it up right now DX
@KatrinaTheLamia Not only that... Computers took too much place and the benefit of having such machine was next to none until they could make them do way way way more things. personal computers were way overpriced and not even useful. Until solitaire appeared. xD
@Linked713 well--even then, there was the works that Atari, Commadore, Colleco and Mattel did in the 1970s to get computers onto the desktop. Yes, most of them had their issues. However, they were still capable of a lot more than most people give them credit for--as Contiki OS has kind of demonstrated.

Then in the 1980s, we started seeing Apple Computers, IBM and Radio Shack start to put computers onto the market place. The Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Master System and Game Gear are based on a chip set that Radio Shack put in one of its computer systems (the Z80). Considering the Gameboy was portable and about 120$CAD in about 1991, I am fairly certain that in the 1980s there was a comparably priced desktop computer running the Z80 chipset. Keep in mind as well, on processor speed, the Gameboy (@ roughly 4MHz) is pretty close to that of the SNES (ranging from 3MHz to 6MHz depending on register flags). The Gameboy just had a slight bit less memory that it could address.

This kind of pisses me off, because people keep talking about how much more we are doing with our electronics, and I do not see it. The Gameboy Advance clocks in at about, IIRC, 50..60MHz--and it was mostly used for SNES style ports. The NDS clocks in at somewhere between 70..96Mhz (yeah--could not be bothered to look up the number... Nintendo used underclocked versions of ARM7 and ARM9 chips).

Our electronics are insanely faster than the stuff we had in the 1980s and 1990s--and are we doing much of anything more with them? Apart from allowing room for really faulty code, and making our games antialiased, brown, dark with lots of shinies--not a heck of a lot.
@KatrinaTheLamia I'd like to know how you managed to do that (get to Saria's Spot so early)! Walk through a wall somewhere? ^_^ I'm always getting stuck in the background geometry of games. Recently I was playing Monster Hunter and was smacked through the desert floor by one of the beasts. I could look up and see its' shadow silhouette running around above the ground, but I was hanging out in limbo below. I danced around a bit and taunted it - much to the creature's increased annoyance - and then restarted my PSP. Good times.
@Daena well--after playing the game so much, I had memorised the route through the forest maze.

So, I simply thought, after I had grabbed my Kokiri Sword, "why not just try to get to Saria's spot. I should be able to grab a fair amount of Rupies on the way making it easier to afford the shield"

I got to the end of the forest maze, and did not expect that I could trigger the event that would cause the wolfos to appear and attack me--opening the gate. I ran through the maze (avoiding the Deku Skrubs for the most part), and found myself wandering around Saria's spot.

Simply by me asking, "hey? What is to stop me?"--and finding out: "exactly nothing."
Damn good times with orcarina of time... I am still thinking about getting the gamecube collector with OOT and MM... *loads Ebay website*
My favourite part of OOT is where you teach the Scarecrow a melody... because if you teach him an impossibly long, complicated, impossible-to-remember melody - he has a bizarre joygasm-seizure. It looks funny. ^.^
(but don't save)
omg yeah!

Mine is when you do the bigoron sword questline.. idk it is fun to do ^^ and the reward is... well... awesome? =)
Well--my twin brother mentioned a way to use the Medigoron Sword if you did not get the Bigoron sword yet. If it is broken while you are in mid air, it becomes a weapon that works pretty much like Link punching stuff.

IIRC Young Link can break Deku Sticks in mid air and do this to a punching type thing.

I dunno--I kind of enjoy doing the Bigoron Sword Sidequest and get the Thief Certificate before I have even completed the Forest Temple. I mean--it is kind of funny that these side quests are quite possible before going after the adult dungeons.

Heh--this reminds me... my sister, Nyssa, was having issues with being young link, and asked my brother, Andrew, to get her through these temples.

Andrew ended up getting Nyssa to being an Adult with only three hearts and no Magic Metre. I still think this was hilarious.
Lol!! Link grew up too fast... ;)
This is why you do not pester people aligned with Chaos to do something for you... because they will find ways to make it amusing for themselves. XD

I am the Daughter of Eris--and I have decided that Andrew, is the Son of "bob" Dobbs.

Meh--it works in my head, but what do I know of logic? I am the self proclaimed Daughter of Eris after all.
Man I totally want to play this game again and finish it with only 3 hearts... dunno if it's possible (if they force you to pick heart containers at some point) but it could be fun!
If only you could mute the pixie.
"HEY! Listen!" >_<;;
LOL! Indeed.

Yeah, I love that comic from VG Cats--and well... a lot of his works are hilarious: http://vgcats.com/
A black screen of death? What!
of death...

That is how people are nowadays. xD
@Linked713 meh-- Black Screen of Death is a fairly old computer concept. It even predates the term Blue Screen of Death.

Heck, one of my favourite screen savers is called "Black Screen of Death", and it randomly cycles through different error screens of various OSes. Between Mac Errors, Guru Meditations, Kernel Panicks, etc.,
@KatrinaTheLamia That sounds like a pretty funny screen saver, would you happen to know where I could get it?
@EarthboundX it is usually packaged with various xscreensavers packages. It is fairly common on Gnome2/GTK and KDE3.5.
Linuxxxxxxx... ewwwwwkkkk..... gtfo >.> gna is a gamer space!!! *prays* j/k We love everyone here... except xoaks
I love Xoaks. She brightens my day, most entertaining member on this site.
@KatrinaTheLamia So are you saying I couldn't get a version that would work with Windows 7?
@EarthboundX well--IIRC KDE4 is available in a fashion for various forms of Windows... not certain if KDE4 has shown up on Windows 7 (though, it prolly has to a certain fashion).

I must admit, I have had little to no luck getting any screen savers set up in KDE4, but... I have not really be trying.
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