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Saint's Row 2 "B*tches"

“I tried to make my character look as much like Wolverine as possible. And yes, he is wearing eyeliner. I gave him grey eyes, and put grey eyeliner on him so he's eyes would pop. (I like boy games, but i am still a chick)”

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Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 14/OCT/08
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well if you don't like boy games what other games can you like saddle club?
Um... I never said I DIDN'T like boy games. You should read what I wrote again. AND look at the games on my list.
I was making a hypothetical point and yes i did read it.
Oh..... ok.
@DeathorGlory9 Your point is badly stated.
I suppose it was
Needs more snarl
@funkzillabot sorry about that i guess its hard to get the tone across
No it's cool. I just love games and I'm sure you do too. We're all good.
@funkzillabot I disagree. I'm definitely evil.
He looks like a very young Wolverine. Not bad for creating him in Saints Row 2.
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