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funkzillabot's gameplay for Tower Bloxx Deluxe (X360)

funkzillabot played Tower Bloxx Deluxe

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funkzillabot said...
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We come home from a awesome night of drinking with drinks, right. Turn on the Xbox for some drunken game playing. Tim takes over the Xbox and starts playing Tower Blocks game, and freaking wins an achievement. Bastard. How the hell does he win a freaking achievement on that game with all that swinging back and forth --- makes my ass want to throw up. Bobbing and weaving and what not.

Drives me crazy that he can play ANY game for 5 minutes and OWN everyone in the room. Except he's brother, then it just a Tim and Gary show-down and the rest of us might as well leave the room.
Tower Bloxx Deluxe

Tower Bloxx Deluxe (X360)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 21/OCT/09
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Wow. I must have been drunk, because that barely made any sense at all. Don't don't drink and post game comments, kids.
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