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funkzillabot's gameplay for Final Fantasy VIII (PS)

funkzillabot played Final Fantasy VIII

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funkzillabot said...
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How the hell do these two ever get together, Squall and Rinoa? Seriously, because he thinks that she is a big, stupid, air-head, idiot -- who is just playing at being "the Rebel Princess" with her father's money. And she thinks, he's a cold fish with no feelings or desires to be with anyone, not even friends. It's a match made in…. heaven? Squall isn't quite as Emo as Cloud (or maybe he's more so… I don't know). Because, getting in his face doesn't work with Squall. 'Cause Rinoa is all in his face, and Squall is all, "Get out of my face". So that strategy is not going to work on him.

Squall is pretty hard to read. Going out with a guy like him would be difficult. He doesn't LIKE anything. He doesn't say anything. The only thing the DOES is his duty. Which is why he is good in the military academy. The only person he "sort of likes" is Sophie, that's because she a kid. He doesn't like Zell, the only guy that is friends with him. He doesn't really like Quistis, but he respects her as a military officer. She is only slightly less annoying than Rinoa, who he finds to be completely annoying. In every respect. But he/they all have to deal with her, because they are ORDER to.

**That's an interesting way to get a guy to like you. Annoying him until he starts speaking to you. Is that how these two get together? She just annoyed him so much, that he started liking her, because he hates everything and she not as bad as everything else. He just got used to her being around. She just grew on him?

Well, it's not Cinderella but, it's a love story non-the-less.
Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 07/SEP/99
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